ISC NIRScan GUI软件下载和软件更新说明

最新版本快捷下载: ISC-NIRScan-GUI-v3.8.1 for Win64

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ISC NIRScan GUI是台湾谱钜开发的Windows系统电脑端应用软件,通过配套USB线与近红外光谱仪或模块连接通信,可显示不同测量模式的光谱曲线。本页面提供不同版本的下载链接,并给出版本更新说明,方便用户了解。软件暂时只提供英文版本,请用户知悉。

本软件默认支持Windows64位系统。若您的电脑是32位系统,请下载 ISC-NIRScan-GUI-v3.7.7-x86 版本。

软件版本:ISC NIRScan GUI v3.8.1



Windows64位系统下载链接: ISC-NIRScan-GUI-v3.8.1


1.Add DFU driver detection and installation.

2.Fix “Set Device Default Config” was disabled after some errors were detected by GUI.

3.Fix reboot exception after Tiva FW update in DFU mode

4.Other bugs fixed.

软件版本:ISC NIRScan GUI v3.7.14



Windows64位系统下载链接: ISC-NIRScan-GUI-v3.7.14


1.Scan configuration page UI improvement.

2.Force user to correct the scan configuration if its maximum patterns parameter was over limit.

3.Minor Bugs fixed.

软件版本:ISC NIRScan GUI v3.7.10



Windows64位系统下载链接: ISC-NIRScan-GUI-v3.7.10


1.Library performance improvement.

2.Support for new ISC devices.

3.Bugs fixed.

软件版本:ISC NIRScan GUI v3.7.7



Windows64位系统下载链接: ISC-NIRScan-GUI-v3.7.7-x64

Windows32位系统下载链接: ISC-NIRScan-GUI-v3.7.7-x86


1.Add user keeps typing number of scan average to wait user finished changes. When the number changes, the scan configuration is applied to check the correct local reference.

2.Add countdown timer in warm up progress window.

3.Add warning message to alert wrong model name and serial number setting.

4.Add csv files reading to saved scans.

5.Add checkbox to select saved scan files. Remove select/deselect all items in the context menu of saved scans tab.

6.Add the function of averaging scan data for selected multiple files in saved scans.

7.Fix the problem that the progress bar cannot be closed normally when the device parameters are found to be problematic during the device connection.

8.Update average of AU to AU of average in average.csv..

9.Fix system error code parser.

10.Skip invalid scan data if error status received.

11.Minor bugs fixed.